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My name is Jason McCarty. I am currently a therapist in private practice working with individuals and couples. I work with addictions, anxiety, depression, finding meaning, life transitions, among others.  See my website for more details at www.jasonmccarty.ca. I was the Program Coordinator of a drug and alcohol treatment center for 2.5 years and ran therapy groups prior to that for the same organization. I have a Masters  degree in Psychology with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. This degree helps me to understand the individual, as well as, the  system in which that individual is a part.

I came across addictions work and have grown a real appreciation for those who struggle with addiction as well as what addiction ultimately  represents in one’s life and society. We must look at the deeper implications and purposes for addiction.


3 responses to “About the Writer

  • Noor Azman Bin Othman

    My name is Noor Azman Bin Othman. I’m a recovering addict from Malaysia.

    I guess I’m the first Blogger from my country to publicly admitted I’m an addict. Malaysian look down and despise a known drug addicts, even a recovering drug addict. But I still believe there are a many good-hearted living souls out there who accept me as what I am.

    I love to add you in “My Sacred Links” but Blogger is down since yesterday. I shall go ahead and add your link as soon as Blogger is up and ok.

    That’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

    One day at a time,
    Noor Azman Bin Othman

  • Rashid

    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi,

    Brother Noor Azman, I wish to commend you on your efforts. this is a very positive step forward for you, and perhaps you will begin a trend to help others realize their position and direction, and purpose. Ultimately, must rely upon that which is greater than self to see it through. May you continue to see it through, and find the ultimate success in your noble endeavors.

    Much Peace

  • James LaLonde

    I just want to say that your words are very moving and compassionate. You have a deep understanding of addictions and I value your posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I will let others know of this website.


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